Smooth Like Jazz

I’m a classical music lover (and player), and I love the characteristics that mark each musical era: Baroque’s complex, mathematical rhythms… Classical’s melodic chordal progressions… Romanticism’s airy similarities… Expressionism’s harsh atonality…. and Minimalism’s abrupt vacancies. And I’ve often thought over the years how these classical music genres often mirror our own lives in its various phases and stages. Sometimes … More Smooth Like Jazz

Is it Safe?

Yesterday morning, I heard a farewell message from a lovely missionary family as they prepare to return to Zambia for a Bible translation project. During the message, they spoke of the many questions they are asked upon returning to the field: How long is the flight? Where do you live? Do you have electricity? These are … More Is it Safe?

Going for Gold

As an American, I greatly enjoyed staying up till midnight last night watching our swimming and women’s gymnastics teams win gold medal after gold medal. It was exciting. It was inspiring. It was patriotic. It was convicting. I’m no athlete. I’ve never played a competitive sport in my life. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t win … More Going for Gold

Viewing Christianity as a Relationship is Dangerous. Here’s Why.

We’ve all heard the catchphrases: Christianity isn’t a religion. It’s a relationship. We wear t-shirts with the moniker, “Not religion. Relationship!” We sing songs glorifying the relational aspect of Christianity. We preach sermons on the relationship aspects of God. We emphasize social ministry, imitating God’s own relationship with humanity. And, as in most good-things-gone-bad, there … More Viewing Christianity as a Relationship is Dangerous. Here’s Why.

Do You Ever Wonder?

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.” – William Blake, Auguries of Innocence Wonder. The hallmark of childhood. The antagonist of reason. The antidote to cynicism. The root of all worship. The missing element in … More Do You Ever Wonder?