The Lost Art of Being

cropped-bible-and-coffee1.jpegCoffee. A good book. A warm blanket.

I love rainy Saturdays.

There’s something nourishing about being still, being quiet.
Hearing only the rain on the roof and the thoughts in your head.
A steaming cup of coffee in one hand.
A good book – or journal – in the other.

It’s settling.
It’s healing.
It’s refreshing.

It’s called being still. And it’s a lost art in today’s American society.

In 21st century America, we tend to judge productivity by how many tasks we can accomplish in one 24-hour period.

Career? Check.
Housework? Check.
Family time? Check.
Exercise? Check.
Sleep? Umm….check.

We have become masters at time management. Olympic champions of productivity.

It’s the “conveyer belt” mentality from the Industrial Revolution that says, time is money. 
Or, perhaps the motto has changed today:
Time is self-worth.
Time is reputation.
Time is value.

But what if it isn’t? What if our productivity-trained, time-management-programmed minds have it backwards?

What if value wasn’t found in multi-tasking, but in slow walks through garden paths, smelling the flowers…


…spying the birds…


and feeling the warm sun and breeze on our faces?


What if our most productive times aren’t the most frenetic, but the most serene?

What if self-worth wasn’t found in the amount of tasks accomplished, but in the amount of thoughts truly thought, of emotions truly felt, of ideas truly written, read, or communicated without interruption?

The next time you wake up to a rainy Saturday morning, join me.

Be counter-cultural.

Instead of rushing out the front door to tackle a new list of to-dos, errands, and endeavors…
Make a pot of coffee and curl up with your favorite book.

Bible and Coffee

Watch the raindrops trickle down your window.

rain on window

In a culture of doing, revive the lost art of being.

Today, I am. Will you?

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 


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