A Walk Down Memory Lane


As I was cleaning the other day, I ran across a poem I wrote a good while back. It got me to thinking.

Memory is an amazing thing. One of God’s greatest gifts, it enables us to relive countless pleasurable moments – evenings of laughter, days of sunshine, nanoseconds of pure bliss in a sea of struggle and difficulty called life.

Memory is what makes that certain scent so nostalgically sweet,
What makes the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot so beautiful,
What makes the taste of pumpkin pie so reminiscent of family,
What makes Christmas decorations evoke smiles and wonder in the eyes of young and old.

It’s why Alzheimer’s and Dementia are so devastating, and traumatic brain injuries so heart wrenching.

Memory. One of life’s greatest blessings.

Close your eyes for a moment.
Remember the sights. The sounds. The smells.
Relive. Reminisce. Wonder.


Memories never to be recorded by human hand
Stored only in the sweetest depths of the heart

Begin to fade away from existence at the very start
No one is ever able to understand
Some way, some how they must not be lost
From the mind to the permanent no matter the cost
The precious times gone by, ne’er viewed again.

I wish that memories could be painted
Recorded forever on tangible scroll
With no chance of ever being forgot
Their treasure will never become tainted
Their vision never vacate the wond’ring soul
Ready to be beheld whenever they’re sought

O! To be relived for only a moment
Those sacred days shared with friends
To revel in the bonds that will never end
And the rapturous moments heaven-sent
As the evidence passes away of old
Memories sacred and prized as gold
Long to be attached to something permanent.

To smell the smells and see the sights
That my memory does again behold
To hear the familiar sounds once more
Would be but a momentary flickering light
Vanishing in the stillness dark and cold
As on the wings of new opportunity we soar.


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