A September Lesson from Santa


It’s that time of year again:

And for me, football season = crafting season. More specifically, crochet season.

After all, 12 hours of college football on Saturdays and 12 hours of NFL football on Sundays gives plenty of time to crochet!
(Yes, I can easily listen to 24 hours of football on any given fall weekend. And Monday nights. and Thursday nights. Confession is good for the soul.)

One year I made this afghan:

snowflake afghan 2.JPG

Another year I made two of these afghans as Christmas gifts:


However, this year, I thought I’d do something a little different – a little more fun. 

So on Saturday, during the Alabama v. Ole Miss game (Roll Tide!), I started working on this afghan:

(Picture courtesy of repeatcrafterme.com)

This afternoon, I finished the first block: The Santa face in the upper left corner.

As I inspected my work, I was a little discouraged. After a lot of trial and error, and finally thinking that I had gotten it perfectly right, I laid my block out on the floor…

And one corner was higher than the other.

My Santa face was lopsided.

But it wasn’t horrible. It was workable. With a few tweaks, it was almost unnoticeable.

As I looked at it again, still dissatisfied, I said to myself – partly in concession, partly in affirmation –
It’s not perfect, but it’s useable.

And then I paused.

And the incredible profundity of those words echoed through the empty room.

God doesn’t require perfect people.
He just requires useable people.

How thankful I am that, every moment of every day, God sees me as I am – as I saw my Santa square:
No, she’s not perfect. But she’s useable. 

Because all that is required to be useable is to be available.

As a perfectionist, I can struggle with this realization — that I can be a little “lopsided,” a little quirky — and God can still use me.

But it’s true.

And He can use you, too.

All He requires is that we be available.

And what a blessing that is!




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