Welcome to Stained Glass Menagerie!

What do we get when we try to reconcile stained-glass-traditional Christian orthodoxy (doctrine) and orthopraxy (way of living) with the vast array of topics demanding our time and attention in 21st century America?

A Stained Glass Menagerie.

Stained Glass Menagerie is a blog dedicated to wrestling with the 21st century American church’s and culture’s biggest “hot-button” issues in light of a conservative rendering of the Word of God.

I invite you to join me as together we explore some of the Word’s – and the world’s – most controversial, confrontational, and confounding territories. En route, we’ll discover vistas of unimaginable shadow and haunts of indescribable beauty, mountains low and valleys high, riverbeds cracked and dry, and deserts abloom with divine, even supernatural, splendor.

And all the while, we’ll be nourished and upheld by the one true God whose streams of Living Water never fail.

So….grab your Bible, notebook, favorite hot beverage, and join me. It’s going to be a fascinating journey!